Dr. Nayak is excited to introduce the FakeLift – available exclusively at Nayak Plastic Surgery! The FakeLift is performed with special instruments and proprietary techniques that lift and rejuvenate the undereyes, cheeks, and jawline, and support the result using long-lasting, FDA-approved injectable fillers. This Fakelift takes about 20 minutes and patients see results almost immediately. In appropriate candidates, this procedure generates more than half of the improvement obtained through traditional lifting of the cheeks and jaw line, but with a fraction of the recovery and only one third of the cost. The cost for the Fakelift ranges from $3,500-$5,500, depending on the severity of the case. This range of cost includes a complementary checkup and enhancement visit a few weeks later. Results last for years with annual touchup visits, which range from $625-$1900, depending on individual aging.

Unlike surgery, this procedure requires only topical numbing cream. No anesthesia, lab tests, or driver/caregivers are needed, and, remarkably, the procedure is reversible if desired.

You may arrange your consultation and, if appropriate, your treatment for the same day. Out-of-town patients are welcome, and may fly home the same day.

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